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Who Else Wants a Home Office Desk in the Bedroom?

Who Else Wants a Home Office Desk in the Bedroom? - FL Bean

Who Else Wants a Home Office Desk in the Bedroom?

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the ways in which we work and study. Workers across the country have been adapting to new working-from-home lifestyles, which started out of necessity but is looking increasingly likely to become a somewhat more permanent way of working.

It is safe to say that some workers have found it easier to adapt than others. For many people living in a spacious home with the ability to transform an entire room into a home workspace, the office environment isn’t necessarily something they miss. But for some who live in more compact spaces, their only option may be to set up a desk in their bedroom space.

When working from home, maintaining a good work/life balance is essential, but what if you have no choice but to work from the same room that you also sleep in? Although it’s far from ideal, it is possible to create a versatile working space that is both beautiful and functional in everything from one-bedroom apartments to bijou studios.

Design and Functionality

Some will argue that functionality is the most important thing here and that worrying about the aesthetics of your workspace is a waste of time. We disagree, particularly if you’re going to be working from your bedroom. So, it’s worth spending time seeking out a beautifully designed desk that does everything you need it to.

Even super simple options like this minimal Computer Desk can be styled to suit your workflow, proving that you don’t need to invest a lot of money or sacrifice a huge amount of space to make working from home work for you.

Computer Desk

Smart Accessories

Wherever you need to work, good lighting is important. When you're spending a lot of time sitting in front of a screen, ensuring you’re in a well-lit environment will help to reduce some of the strain on your eyes, which can help to prevent fatigue and headaches. If it isn’t possible to work in front of a window, placing an adjustable smart bulb into your favorite Table Lamp will help you to create the ideal working environment during all seasons.

Table Lamp

You will also likely find it beneficial to use a laptop stand or retractable monitor arms to ensure you aren’t straining your back, neck or wrists. Look for options that can be easily taken off and stored away at the end of the working day to ensure that you also have a space to relax when you’ve finished work.

Don’t Forget About Video Calls

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to join a call without switching your camera on, so it’s important to think about the scene that will be visible behind you. You may find that your new bedroom workspace is ideally suited to video calls, but you may also want to take your laptop elsewhere, perhaps to a bathroom or hallway.

If you’re working in a shared space, you may need to devise some sort of plan if being on calls is something you both need to do throughout the day. The good news here is that bathrooms have been proven to make pretty decent conference spaces, especially with the help of a Folding Table that can be easily tucked away and a good table lamp for camera-ready lighting.

Folding Table

Separating Work and Life

At the end of your work day, you need to put your work away. At the very least, this means closing your laptop, tidying away any notebooks and pens, and filing important paperwork in an organized system. If your chosen work desk has drawers, you can even completely clear your desk at the end of the day and transform it into a new space. Swapping your laptop for a mirror and your notebooks for your skincare, you can easily use the same space as both a workspace and a vanity.

Although it is undoubtedly easier to get into a seamless working-from-home routine when you have the physical space to keep your working life and your personal life completely separate, with some creativity and determination, it is perfectly possible to create your dream workspace that delivers the versatility you need to enjoy every day.

If you are finding working from home to be a bit of a struggle, it can be beneficial to think about some of the positives, such as the cash and time you are saving on commuting or planning an amazing trip when the world opens up again and we’re allowed to travel.