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23 Creative DIY Ideas for Home Office Desk Organizers

23 Creative DIY Ideas for Home Office Desk Organizers - FL Bean

23 Creative DIY Ideas for Home Office Desk Organizers

With more of us than ever before working from home, the need for a good, well organized home office space has never been greater. A cluttered desk can leave you feeling uninspired and distracted. Here are 23 DIY desk organizer ideas to help you make a space where you can feel motivated, creative and inspired.

Get creative

1. Group together a collection of different, interestingly shaped jars to create your own stationery holder. Spray paint them in the color of your choice.

2. Collect empty tin cans to construct a tin can pyramid, perfect for stashing pens, pencils, scissors and highlighters. Use a strong adhesive to stick the cans together and spray paint it.

3. Use cereal boxes and toilet paper tubes to create your own unique desk organizer. Glue-gun the sides together and cover in patterned paper or washi tape for a fun and functional display.

4. Create your own pencil holder and corkboard in one by stacking and sticking cork placemats on top of each other. Drill holes to create pen and pencil storage, and pin notes on it, too.

5. Cut a piece of drainpipe to create different-sized cylinders and stick them together to make a desk organizer.

6. If you are handy with a saw, make your own desk organizer tailored to you. Simply use a piece of MDF and attach small shelves, dowels to hang things on, and pen holders.

7. For a funky and fun way to store your stationery, create a desk organizer out of colorful Lego blocks. Simply make a square-shaped holder; you can make as many containers as you want in whatever sizes you need.

8. Fashion your own unique desk organizer from air-dried clay.

9. Wooden boxes are easy to come across. Just add paint and a pattern, and you have a stylish desk organizer.

Repurpose your way to a tidy desk

10. Who says vases have to be just for flowers? Use your favorite shorter vases as pen holders. We think this Clear Modern Square Block Optical Crystal Vase would make a sleek and stylish pen holder.

Clear Modern Square Block Optical Crystal Vase

11. Have a favorite mug? Use it as pen and pencil storage for your desk.

12. Floating shelves or wall-mounted spice racks can be used to create a desk organizer and are perfect for grouping together pen pots and jars. We think one of these Set of 3 Rustic Floating Shelves would make an ideal desk organizer.

13. Are magazines, books or pamphlets cluttering up your workspace? Place a magazine rack next to your desk for extra paper storage. Choose a decorative option, such as this Black Geometric Grid Sleek and Sophisticated Magazine Decorative Holder, and you’ll earn extra style points, too.

Black Geometric Grid Sleek and Sophisticated Magazine Decorative Holder

14. Repurpose a kitchen caddy by using it on your desk as a stationery organizer. This Rustic Graywash Six Slot Wooden Caddy provides ample storage and looks stylish.

Rustic Graywash Six Slot Wooden Caddy

15. Use a plastic makeup organizer if you are looking to store lots of smaller office supplies. These usually have a tiered design, allowing you to place taller items at the back and smaller items at the front.

16. If you are looking to add extra storage to desk drawers, use a muffin tin to hold paper clips, push pins and other smaller items.

If desk space is at a premium…

17. Create a peg board desk organizer on your wall to help clear space on your desk. Use different shaped pots and holders, as well as magnetic strips for notes, to make one tailored to your needs.

18. Attach hooks to the edge of your desk and hang extra stationery and paper storage from them.

19. If you have a small desk but you are handy with a sewing machine, why not create a canvas desk organizer to hang over the back of your office chair?

20. Keep scraps of paper and notes out of the way with your own DIY display board. Take an old picture frame and remove the glass before attaching strings across the width of it. Use miniature pegs to keep your notes in order, and mount it to the wall.

Handy hints

21. Invest in a shelf stand. Used to add extra storage in a cupboard, these can also stand on a desk to provide an extra layer of space.

22. Use decorative wooden brackets as desk dividers, creating space to neatly store books and notebooks.

23. To reach office supplies quickly and easily, place your pots of smaller items on a lazy Susan. Just give it a little spin, and all your office supplies are within easy reach.