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The Definitive Guide to Designing Captivating Bar Stools

The Definitive Guide to Designing Captivating Bar Stools - FL Bean

The Definitive Guide to Designing Captivating Bar Stools

Bars and eateries will always need sensational and durable barstools to fit in with their aesthetics. With breakfast bars and kitchen islands rapidly gaining popularity, there is increasing demand for the design of captivating barstools for use in the home, too. This guide will help you on your design journey, considering a range of essential factors such as functionality, aesthetics and choice of materials.

Select a style

There is an array of styles to choose from that will suit different spaces, from modern and traditional homes to commercial environments. Allow us to walk you through the different options available, from vintage-inspired barstools that offer both comfort and luxury to truly breathtaking modern designs.

Strikingly modern irregular designs

Irregular designs cause a delightful disruption to our expectations, and playing with shape is a great way to create an eye-catching barstool. Pieces such as this Modern Bar Seat from FIBean constructed from distressed oak and reclaimed industrial steel perfectly combine uncommon aesthetics with practicality. As the choice of material suggests, it is an extremely robust item of furniture, yet it has been twisted into the most fantastic irregular shape that makes the seat almost appear to float, granting it a near-weightless quality.

Modern Bar Seat

Decadent vintage designs

There are many admirers of the vintage look, and giving a generous nod to the opulence and glamour of eras past is a great design choice. To create a barstool that is a true talking point, do not hold back on the use of luxurious materials, with deep, sumptuous upholstery being a prominent feature of this style.

Contemporary cool

Furniture is needed that makes you look twice while also blending seamlessly with contemporary spaces. Barstools such as this set of two Modern Seat Bar Chairs meet that need perfectly. Consider how it is elegantly minimalist, showcasing two key tones: the white eco leather upholstery and the sleek silver of steel. One of the attributes of contemporary designs such as this is that they don’t overwhelm the eye with fussy details.

Modern Seat Bar Chairs

Consider adding a back

When you think of a barstool, a high back does not usually come to mind. However, backed stools such as this Modern Bar Chair from FIBean in oak black combine the comfort and stability of a dining chair with the elegance of a classic barstool. Many people, particularly older clientele and those with young children, may not feel at ease with a completely backless barstool. A back provides a reassuring safety feature that doesn’t compromise on style. Also consider the aesthetic value of including a back; you could craft an intricate cut-out design or add luxe upholstery.

Modern Bar Chair

Swivel or static

Whether or not to incorporate swivel functionality is an important design choice. A swivel design will allow the user to adjust their view around the room, a sociable feature which can come in handy in both home and commercial environments. This will help customers to turn around and get the attention of passing wait staff, for example. Some people prefer a static design as they enjoy the stability of a fixed piece. Others dislike the return function of a swivel stool, which can knock against other furniture if used carelessly.

Choose your materials with care

When selecting the materials, you must refer to your style of choice. Industrial-inspired modern pieces usually showcase strong metals and bold textured wood, whereas contemporary chic styles call for soft leather-look upholstery and sleek, shiny metal. In today’s environmentally conscious consumer culture, it is worth considering sustainability when selecting materials. Could you choose recycled or repurposed options? Whether your barstool ends up being enjoyed by hundreds of people at a bustling bar or for family use in a home, it is important to use the right materials for attractive designs that stand the test of time.

Selecting a color scheme

As with material, style holds a strong sway over your choice of color scheme. There are expected color schemes for each style. Contemporary styles usually come in black, white and tan. They may include either warm or cool tones of wood and metal. Such hues blend well with most interior design schemes.

However, as a designer, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to adhere to or subvert expectations. Consider, for example, whether you want to make a statement with a vintage-inspired look in an unconventional color such as neon pink or rely on the gorgeous design to create a focal piece.