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All You Need To Know About Modern Accent Chairs

All You Need To Know About Modern Accent Chairs - FL Bean

All You Need To Know About Modern Accent Chairs

An accent chair is so much more than an extra place to sit. Accent chairs make a style statement and bring character, depth and personality to a room. But picking an accent chair is no easy feat. Interior design is all about balance, and choosing the wrong style, color or pattern can quickly take your accent chair from stylish and creative to overwhelming. Before choosing your perfect accent chair, it is essential to understand how accent chairs work and what they bring to the home.

So, what exactly is an accent chair?

So, what exactly is an accent chair?

An accent chair adds interest to a room while also providing extra seating. Unlike your sofa set or dining room chairs, an accent chair usually comes as a solitary piece. There are two main strategies when it comes to an accent chair. You can choose one that is complementary in style and mood to the rest of the furniture in your room, whether it's an existing sofa suite in a lounge or a console table in a hallway. But what makes accent chairs so much fun is the fact that you can use them to add something totally offbeat to your home that is different from your usual style or color palette. This kind of accent chair should grab the attention but not overwhelm the rest of the room.

What types of accent chairs are there?

The beauty of accent chairs is that they come in so many different types, styles and designs. Here are some of the most popular styles:

- Club chair- Often upholstered in leather, the club chair armchair has wide armrests, a low back and lots of comfortable padding. They were once used by gentlemen in exclusive country clubs, hence the name.

- Tub/Barrel chair- This is an upholstered chair with a semi-circular back, with the wings forming a single upholstered piece.

- Slipper chair- This is an armless upholstered chair with short legs, so it sits close to the ground. These were popular in the dressing rooms of well-to-do 18th-century ladies.

- Wingback chair- A high-backed chair with wings stretching down from the back of the seat to the armrests, these were historically placed next to a fire, and the wings shielded users from the draft.

- Loveseat/Snuggler seat- This is a chair that is typically larger than an armchair but smaller than a traditional two-seater sofa. Essentially, it is a very small sofa.

- Side chair- Often used in a dining room, a side chair is a chair without arms that usually has an all-wooden frame, such as this Cream Linen & Weathered Gray Side Chair. They can be fully, partially or not at all upholstered.

Cream Linen & Weathered Gray Side Chair

Things to consider when buying an accent chair

Choosing an accent chair that really sets your home apart can sometimes be a difficult task. Here are some key things to consider before you purchase.

Function: First, decide what the accent chair will bring to your home. Is it simply to make a style statement? Will it provide extra storage? Is it likely to be a reading nook? Is it simply to look good? Knowing the function will help you determine which style of chair will work best. For example, an Antique Champagne PU Leather Furniture Seat Armchair would work as a great accent chair in a dining room or glamorous bedroom but may not be ideal in a cozy sitting room.

Antique Champagne PU Leather Furniture Seat Armchair

Placement- Determine exactly where your accent chair will go. Will you use it opposite existing sofas? Next to a fireplace? In the corner of the room? Knowing this will also help determine which style will work best.

Colors and fabrics- This is perhaps the most important thing when choosing an accent chair. If you want to add character to a room and really catch the eye, choose a bold accent chair to add a splash of color, or try a bold or contrasting pattern. If you want to blend it in with existing furniture, look for similar tones and colors. Think about how your home works, too. For example, a cream velvet accent chair may not be the best choice for a home with five kids and a dog.

Size- Measure the space and be sure your chair will fit well without being cramped or overbearing.

Remember to have fun!

Choosing an accent chair for your home needs to be a well-researched and well-considered decision, but it can also be a chance to have lots of fun and create something amazing that will add character and charm to your home. This can be a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and create something unique and attention-grabbing.