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Create Awesome Paper Lanterns and Lamps in Minutes

Create Awesome Paper Lanterns and Lamps in Minutes - FL Bean

Create Awesome Paper Lanterns and Lamps in Minutes

There is nothing quite like a warm summer’s evening as the crepuscular light is fading, the sky turns a deep blue-green, and the cicadas start up. The strong scent of jasmine from the yard is hanging on the smooth, silky night air. With your guests due to arrive for dinner any minute, you are putting the final touches on the table by the house as the sheer drapes blow gently in the air at your bi-fold glass doors. You light up the paper lanterns dotted around the garden, and at once, the magic has begun. Soon there will be the sound of chatter, laughter, and the unmistakable clink of wine glasses and cutlery on fine china plates as you enjoy your meal. The glowing paper lanterns around the terrace, fairy lights in the trees, and hanging paper globes create an unforgettable atmosphere on a long summer night.

Lanterns are used all over the world

Of course, lanterns and lamps are used at all times of the year in many cultures and religions and at many different festivals, such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, the Oahu Hawaii Lantern festival, and Halloween, to name but a few.

To make lanterns for a festival, for your home, or for the sheer fun of it, there is a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had by doing it yourself. Of course, if the DIY approach isn’t for you, there are alternatives.

If you don’t like the DIY approach

For those that like things to be simple and without a mess or quite simply don’t have time, this beautiful Arched Arm Floor Light with an elegant paper lantern is perfect for creating ambience without the effort.

Arched Arm Floor Light

Non-organic shapes are more complex to create by handcraft methods, so for something more geometric or formal, this elegant Walnut Wood-Based Table Lamp with a chrome stand with a paper shade would be a great purchase.

Walnut Wood-Based Table Lamp

If you are going to try to make a paper lantern, no matter what you create, be sure to use a suitable safe light source that complies with current U.S. Safety Standards and never leave a lantern unattended or with a child.

Be bold

Try creating a paper lantern using bold colors and textures. Try color blocking, clashing colors, or complementary colors, along with fringing, pleating, and folded paper to create your desired effect.

Colored tissue paper

Colored tissue paper is a beautifully simple way to create colored light. Add your tissue to a card frame, the outside of a glass jar, or collage onto an existing paper lantern for stunning effects.

Be Skillful

With some careful research into paper folding, you can be well on your way to creating a beautifully crafted folded minimalist paper lantern using white paper. It will have a beautiful warm glow when finished, and your careful paper skills will be evident. Keep it modern, and if you are feeling ambitious, take influence from classical and contemporary sculpture for the wow factor. Try stars, cubes or geometric shapes for various effects.

Keep things simple

One of the simplest and quickest but most effective lanterns to make uses a white paper craft bag and a specialist decorative paper punch to create a design along the top open edge of the bag for a truly magical effect. These work beautifully as a wedding table centerpiece or for dotting around a garden.

Be expressive

If you are pretty confident in your lettering skills, you could experiment with adding some expressive marks or a simple design to a paper lantern purchased from a store. If you don't know what to draw, taking inspiration from where you intend to hang your lantern is a good place to start.

Remember the lanterns in Disney’s 2010 blockbuster film Tangled in the birthday scene where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider see the lanterns float into the sky in a magical Disney moment that encapsulates some of us romantics' dreams and aspirations? Whether you like the fairytale ending or not, we do know that launching floating lanterns into the sky is a definite no-no and not great for the environment. They are better enjoyed at home, where the lanterns can be used safely and recycled once the fun is over.

This Fabric Desk Lamp creates that warm, magical glow in the comfort of your sitting room. Its fabric shade is neutral enough to fit with most interior spaces happily.

Fabric Desk Lamp

However you create the magic of lanterns and light in your own home, be sure to do it safely and with style.