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21+ Free Designs to Decorate Your Home with Throw & Floor Pillows

21+ Free Designs to Decorate Your Home with Throw & Floor Pillows - FL Bean

21+ Free Design Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Throw & Floor Pillows

Throw and floor pillows can completely transform the look and feel of a room, offering an easy way to decorate or refresh your home.

1. A Pop of Color

Throw and floor pillows can be used to bring a splash of color to an otherwise neutral space. Choose vibrant purple or sunshine yellow colors to get the maximum payoff.

2. Modern Design

Mixing and matching pillows that have different patterns and textures but share a cohesive color palette will instantly inject a touch of modern design sensibility into a space.

3. Pattern Clash

Who says throw pillows always need to match? Opt for an eclectic look by choosing different patterns, but keep it cool by sticking to a color theme throughout.

4. Matchy Matchy

Fallen in love with a large rug but don’t know how to tie it into the rest of your room? A couple of matching throw pillows can bring a space together in seconds.

5. Bold Minimalism

If you love minimalism but your space is missing that special something, opting for monochrome chevron throw or floor pillows can expertly bring life into a room without completely taking over.

6. Contemporary Camo

Introduce a flash of personality to an otherwise simple and streamlined space with the addition of camo print pillows in a neutral color palette.

7. Super Sweet

Pastel-hued throw pillows are guaranteed to add a touch of sweetness to a space.

8. Ombre

Create a subtle feature by selecting throw and floor pillows in different tones of the same colour.

9. Just My Type

Throw pillows with beautifully designed typography can bring charm and humor to a space.

10. Moroccan Chic

Play with pattern and shape by introducing poofy Moroccan-designed floor cushions to your main living space to create a cool hangout zone for all ages.

11. Meditation Ready

Upgrade your mindful meditation with a gorgeous, subtly patterned floor cushion. Position against a wall with a complementary cushion behind it for additional comfort.

12. Oversized Opulence

Bring an extra comfy feature to your home with oversized floor pillows covered in a luxurious velvet material and accessorize with additional Pleated Velvet Throw Pillows.

Pleated Velvet Throw Pillows

13. Bringing the Outside In

Throw pillows with floral and botanical prints are very chic and will bring an element of nature into your home that will make your space feel more alive.

14. Personalized Pillows

From pillows with your favorite photographs to those with a quote to live by printed on them, give your space a personal touch with a meaningful design that will spark joy every day.

15. Relaxing Reading

Create a cozy reading nook in a small space by ditching the oversized chair for a space-saving floor pillow. Accessorize with additional throw pillows for even more squishiness.

16. No Sofa? No Problem?

Can’t find a streamlined sofa that you love? Don't worry! Why not opt for a series of floor cushions instead?

17. Shaped to Perfection

From classic square-shaped pillows to pop-pom-adorned circular designs and more, mix and match different silhouettes to embrace a quirky look. To keep things looking put-together, ensure your choices all share a color palette.

18. Boho Beauty

Embrace bohemian chic by layering up a range of floor and throw pillows in earthy tones.

19. The Simple Life

Give your simple sofa the comfort factor with a series of uniform throw pillows in the same material and color as the rest of your furniture.

20. Tasseled to Perfection

Play with texture in a fun way by introducing tasseled pillows to your interior. Keep it simple with neutral tones like this Gray Square Throw Pillow or go bold with rainbow tassels and chunky pom-poms.

Gray Square Throw Pillow

21. Movie Night Ready

Get comfy and snuggle up on a plush floor cushion and a cozy blanket to bring a new element of excitement to movie night.

22. Easy Entertaining

From family gatherings to celebrations with friends, spending time with loved ones is a joy. Arrange floor and throw pillows around a central blanket or low table that can be used to house drinks and snacks.

23. Festive Joys

Use the holidays as an excuse to switch out your regular throw pillows for a decidedly more festive option, like these Christmas Pillow Covers. Go all-in with glitter and sequins, or opt for a more understated look with chunky knitted pillows in neutral tones.

Christmas Pillow Covers

24. Seasonal Style

There is a pillow for every style and occasion, so why not rotate yours seasonally? Opt for pretty pastels in the spring, sunshine yellows in summer, rusty oranges in fall, and crisp blues in winter.