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All You Need to Know About Lighting for Home Décor

All You Need to Know About Lighting for Home Décor - FL Bean

All You Need to Know About Lighting for Home Décor

Illuminating your beautiful home and creating a point of visual interest, lighting is an essential part of any stylish residence. Whatever your décor scheme, one thing is certain: your home will need a variety of lighting options to suit the different requirements of rooms throughout the house. This definitive guide will walk you through all you need to know about lighting for home décor.

The trio of lighting types

General lighting is the main source of lighting in a room. Accent lighting highlights a selected area within a wider space, such as a cozy corner chair, a grand dining table or a piece of art. Finally, task lighting provides light to areas where you perform tasks, such as desks, vanities, kitchen islands and stoves. For chic home décor, a blend of all three types is ideal to reflect both light and your personality.

Perfect placement

All rooms and spaces in your home require lighting, and there is a versatile array of fixtures for all spaces. Lights can be hung from or embedded into the ceiling, attached to the walls, or placed where needed as lamps. Ceiling placement can have a stunning impact. Think plunging pendant lighting that will dramatically illuminate your dining tables, ideal for hosting social occasions such as Thanksgiving. Striking contemporary options, such as this Pendant Light crafted from black carbon steel, are both practical and stylish. Pendant lighting also looks fantastic in long hallways and at entrances for that "wow factor".

Pendant Light

Wall lighting can be highly practical, especially for use in bathrooms and above mirrors. Vanity lighting provides a warm, ambient glow that will help you to shave, apply makeup or style your hair. Wall lighting that falls over a luxe bath will create a soothing glow for relaxation.

Lamps are a versatile option that come in a range of styles and sizes. Consider the shade’s tone carefully as this will affect the ambience, with warmer fabrics casting a warmer glow. Short lamps are perfect for placing on bedside tables. Tall lamps are fantastic for placement by a cozy armchair. Lamps often come with adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to really set the mood.

Carefully select the bulb color

LED bulbs have a great variety of colors to choose from. They can be separated into three distinct categories: warm, neutral and daylight. Think carefully about the light’s placement and purpose when selecting a bulb color. Cool, bright bulbs are great for task lighting in a kitchen or home office. Warm, amber tones are best for evening reading with the help of your bedside table lamp.

Flattering fits for your décor style

When perusing lighting options, consider the décor style you aim to achieve. Are you looking to create a contemporary industrial look? Perhaps you prefer a more classic style or even a rustic, shabby chic look?

For classic elegance and character, you can’t go wrong with a statement piece like a chandelier. For a modern twist on a timeless look, consider an item such as this Vanilla Cake Crystal Chandelier, which would be well suited to entrances or dining rooms, creating a talking point that will be greatly admired. For a wholesome rustic aesthetic, embrace vintage-inspired items and the use of woods.

Vanilla Cake Crystal Chandelier

Size and style

With pendant lighting, a popular option is one or two large pieces in a single space. For a twist on the usual styling, you may like to select several smaller pendant lights grouped together. Many pendants have adjustable cords, so you can choose how far they hang. As a rule of thumb, allowing them to hang low heightens the visual drama.

Materials matter

Your lighting options should blend with the vibe of the room. If you are hoping to create a soft aesthetic for a comfortable bedroom or guest room, you may like to choose shades with hanging feathers to create a gentle and tactile element. For a cutting-edge modern look, you may prefer strong metals or blown glass, such as this Brushed Steel Hanging Pendant Lamp.

Brushed Steel Hanging Pendant Lamp

Mirrors, the friend of light

Like light fixtures, these items can be both practical and beautiful. Their reflective surfaces help to brighten up gloomy rooms and can create the illusion of additional space in smaller rooms. Placing mirrors in long, dark corridors can really boost the overall brightness.

Outdoor lighting

Welcome guests to your home with motion-sensitive outdoor lighting on your porch. As with your indoor lighting options, there are many different options available, so your outdoor lighting can blend with your overall home design scheme.