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25 Amazing Vintage Garden Décor Ideas & Designs for 2021

25 Amazing Vintage Garden Décor Ideas & Designs for 2021 - FL Bean

25 Amazing Vintage Garden Décor Ideas & Designs for 2021

Our gardens have become more important than ever before as we spend more time at home. Why not give yours a vintage-inspired makeover with these décor ideas?


Choose classic pieces with a subtle nod to the vintage trend.

1. Rattan was popular in the 1950s, but avoid more modern shapes and stick to traditional chair and table silhouettes with decorative backs and legs.

2. Look for furniture with a distressed finish for a rustic, aged style, such as the Gray Distressed Extendable Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture Foldable Butterfly Dining Table.

Gray Distressed Extendable Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture Foldable Butterfly Dining Table

3. Add a floral-edged or highly patterned floor rug to give a cozy and warm feel to your outdoor seating area; there are endless color and pattern choices available.

4. A screen divider can be used to create zones in your garden. Use this beautiful White Wood Garden Privacy Screen Room Divider white screen to separate your dining area from the kids’ playing area, for example.

5. No garden makeover is complete without an outdoor fire pit or log burner to keep things cozy and warm on chilly nights. This Rustic Deer in Woods US Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Patio Fire Pit, with its quirky deer motif and exposed logs, is great for creating a vintage feel.


Every garden needs statement planters to add greenery and character.

6. Look for planters made from interesting materials such as rattan, wood or textured stone.

7. Group a selection of interesting and contrasting planters together to give an eclectic feel.

8. Choose solid, bulky planters such as Brown Sturdy Wood Flower Fruits and Vegetables Garden Planters, 3 Pieces but plant them with delicate flowers to make a striking contrast.

Brown Sturdy Wood Flower Fruits and Vegetables Garden Planters, 3 Pieces

9. Repurpose old items as planters, such as an old watering can, rain boots or old china teacups.

10. Look for planters with an interesting or quirky shape, such as Brown Sturdy Wood Outdoor Patio Garden Planting Pot, which has a retro teapot shape.

It's all in the detail

Capture a vintage feel with these decorative accessory ideas.

11. Add interest to your outdoor space with a sign. This Vintage Rustic Garden Wood Panel Wall Décor can be hung on a fence, shed or outbuilding to add a bit of character and charm.

12. Look out for interesting or quirky wall plaques to add interest to your outdoor walls. Metal floral plaques and nautical compasses work well.

13. Outdoor mirrors are all the rage right now. Look for a metal-finish one with a vintage effect to use in your outdoor space. Either attach it to a wall or lean it against a fence or wall. It will also create the illusion of added space.

14. Create a cozy seating area by adding some beautiful throws and cuddle up when the temperature dips. Look for patchwork patterns, florals and color to achieve the vintage look, such as Multicolor Eclectic Bohemian Traditional Throw Blankets.

15. Use cushions and throw pillows to add color and charm to your outdoor seating. Choose vintage prints to achieve the look.

16. Butterflies are a popular motif in the vintage style. Add metal ones to your walls or have them standing proud in planters.

17. Attach beautiful china plates adorned with pretty florals to the wall or fence to create a vintage display.

18. Use glass bottles as vases to make a rustic centerpiece for your outdoor table or side tables.

Bring the indoors outdoors

Keep these key pieces indoors but whip them out when you’re entertaining.

19. Use a pretty and eye-catching serving tray. Pick up an antique or embossed tray to carry drinks and food out in style.

20. Add a vintage side table. Bring the Green Antique MDF Stand Tray Table outside to create a place to rest drinks or mix cocktails.

21. Look for placemats and napkins with a vintage pattern or feel and add them to your al fresco dining table.

22. Adorn your dining table with interesting jugs and decorative vases to create a stunning centerpiece.

23. Look for eye-catching pitchers to serve drinks to guests, like this 42 oz Mouth Blown Glass Pitcher.

42 oz Mouth Blown Glass Pitcher

24. Add vintage-inspired serving dishes and bowls to your tablescape. Look for delicate china or floral embellishments and gold trims.

25. Create an outdoor bar to make your garden the ultimate party garden. Add vintage cocktail shakers and glasses or really push the boat out with Red & White Glider Bike Bar Serving Cart. Wheel this vintage bar cart out when you’re entertaining al fresco to create a stunning garden centerpiece.