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Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Kitchen Bar Stools

Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Kitchen Bar Stools - FL Bean

Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Kitchen Bar Stools

It is almost impossible to envisage a modern kitchen without at least a couple of bar stools incorporated somewhere into the design.


For a start, bar stools are incredibly versatile and can transform a kitchen from a space solely reserved for food preparation to one that is ideally set up for eating a quick snack, socializing with friends, and even an office or homework zone for the kids.

If you have decided that your kitchen is crying out for some bar stools, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for your newest interior additions.

You Get What You Pay For

If you’re on a budget, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option. Perhaps you want to get some temporary bar stools that you will replace with something more expensive later on, or you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’re not totally sure you’ll get a lot of use from.

Cheap bar stools are poorly designed and will likely require you to make one too many compromises. From not enough padding to poor-quality upholstery that will quickly look scruffy and odd seat sizes that just aren’t comfortable, cheaper bar stools are unlikely to have benefitted from a considered design process that properly addresses the myriad issues that can become apparent.

Cheaper bar stools often all have a very similar aesthetic, which means that you might not be able to find one that suits your existing décor. Unless you specifically want to use your bar stools to make a clear visual statement, it is going to be important to choose a style that is in keeping with your kitchen color palette.

Height Matters

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bar stools. Cheap bar stools often have a fixed height, which means that it can be difficult to find a model that will fit comfortably in your preferred space.

To avoid height-related frustrations, opting for bar stools that are equipped with an adjustable height mechanism, such as this Black and Walnut Adjustable Stool, can be a good decision.

Black and Walnut Adjustable Stool

To Swivel Or Not To Swivel? That Is The Question

Bar stools that can swivel offer an additional layer of practicality as they tend to be easier to get on without needing to physically move the entire thing. Cheap swivel stools often aren’t constructed from particularly sturdy materials, which can make them feel incredibly unstable.

Conversely, higher-quality revolving bar stools, such as this Glossy Iron Revolving Bar Stool, are made from robust materials that offer more stability. Design teams are also more likely to have considered the swivel motion itself and taken steps to prevent the back of the stool from crashing into the breakfast bar or other pieces of furniture and causing damage.

Glossy Iron Revolving Bar Stool

Don’t Forget The Footrest

Footrests can be incorporated into every style of bar stool, even those with ultra-simple designs like this Oak and Black Steel Stool. But lower-quality bar stools are less likely to be equipped with this simple feature that is so essential to comfort.

Oak and Black Steel Stool

You see, most people won’t be able to sit on a bar stool and rest their feet on the ground at the same time. The feeling of having your feet dangling in mid-air isn’t particularly comfortable, which makes footrests an essential feature for many.

Beyond the key considerations we’ve run through already, there aren’t any hard and fast rules you have to stick to when shopping for bar stools. You may not even want to purchase matching stools. In fact, mismatched bar stools can actually help you to create a fun, vintage look with plenty of personality. So, although bar stools aren’t necessarily a piece of furniture you can pick up on a whim without doing a bit of research and taking a few key measurements, you can also have fun with the process. It is, for example, possible to completely transform the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in your home with just a couple of new additions. But equally, it’s possible to choose stools that will slip seamlessly into your space without detracting from the rest of your room.

So, whether you’re looking for a minimal bar stool with a sleek profile or are eager to incorporate a flash of industrial chic into your kitchen with black metal and reclaimed wood, investing in quality stools that will stand the test of time will always help you to get the most value from your investment.