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Why Celebrities Are Switching to Vintage Home Décor

Why Celebrities Are Switching to Vintage Home Décor - FL Bean

Why Celebrities Are Switching to Vintage Home Décor

Vintage home décor is a great way of adding a rich sense of history to even the most modern of homes. The rich and famous are trendsetters for everything from fashion, hair and makeup to home décor choices, and where celebrities go, the rest of us mere mortals are sure to follow. Previously, many celebrities favored futuristic and minimalistic home décor styles. Allow us to guide you through the reasons behind the big switch to vintage home décor, and perhaps you might like to try it yourself!

The appeal of unique treasures

Celebrities like their homes to reflect their personalities. Vintage home décor is the perfect way to showcase rare and unique treasures that create interesting talking points when hosting friends and reporters. Sourcing antique and vintage furniture, artwork and textiles ensures that their homes will stand out from the crowd. Indeed, the process of shopping for uncommon pieces to adorn your home can be as enjoyable as the process of decorating itself. A number of Hollywood actors have been found to enjoy hunting for antique chandeliers and grand tables for hosting, among other items. If you wish to emulate this style but your budget won’t stretch quite as far as Chris Hemsworth’s, consider a vintage-inspired design such as a Blue and Gold Jacobean Runner Rug.

Blue and Gold Jacobean Runner Rug

A sustainable, ethical option

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to face humanity yet, and many celebrities, such as Meryl Streep and Ben Affleck, champion environmental causes. One visible way celebrities are role models for this hot topic is through their fashion choices, with actresses such as Jennifer Anniston choosing to attend red carpet events in vintage couture gowns.

Vintage home décor is another way celebrities choose to put their money where their mouth is. Deciding to decorate your home with vintage finds is a truly sustainable option, reducing unnecessary production and saving gorgeous items from landfills. Vintage items are also often found in charity shops, allowing buyers to donate money to a worthy cause. Vintage and vintage-inspired items cannot go out of style, so this also reduces waste as there is absolutely no need to replace your furniture or artwork with the latest home décor trend.

Timeless appeal

Every era produces furniture that stands the test of time. Vintage home décor allows you to cherry-pick the very best each time period has to offer. The famous often invite the press into their homes, with glossy magazines obsessing over every detail of the interviewee’s home. Therefore, their homes need to have that "wow" factor. Vintage home décor is a versatile style that can lend timeless appeal to all kinds of homes, from lofts to farmhouses.

Effortless style

With this design style, celebrities never need to worry about their homes looking tacky. A home filled with last season’s décor trends is sure to look dated, but a vintage-inspired abode will always look carefully curated and tasteful. Vintage home décor also offers a perfect solution to time-starved celebrities who want stunning interiors because they won’t need to waste time constantly refreshing their home’s look. Fans of contemporary home décor styles constantly have to replace items to keep up with the latest trends and maintain that modern vibe.

Consider luxe items like this Vanity Dressing Table, elaborately carved and finished in gold, for a classic item that will never go out of style.

Vanity Dressing Table

A mindful project

Whether they sing, dance or act, one thing unites celebrities: they are busy bees who need to unwind to prevent burnout. Yet, people who are always on the go can find it difficult to unwind. From sourcing items to decoupaging, sanding or repainting vintage finds, this décor style provides celebrities and normal people alike with projects that promote mindfulness and focus. This can also help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship

The movers and shakers have deep pockets and can afford to invest in high-quality items. Many are drawn to vintage home décor. Older pieces often boast much higher levels of craftsmanship than the mass-produced plastic pieces that are so common today. Due to this, well-cared for vintage items have a great resale value.

Antique Oak Bedroom Dresser

Eye-catching pieces, such as this Antique Oak Bedroom Dresser from FIBean, create visual drama with their fine craftsmanship. They are also made using high-quality materials that are slower to deteriorate and will endure for generations, creating treasured heirloom pieces.