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If You Love Wall Mirrors, You'll Love Hanging Mirrors To

If You Love Wall Mirrors, You'll Love Hanging Mirrors To - FL Bean

If You Love Wall Mirrors, You'll Love Hanging Mirrors Too

As the saying goes, you should have nothing in your home that is not both useful and beautiful, and hanging mirrors fulfill both of these requirements. This guide will help you to explore the reasons you should embrace the concept of hanging mirrors for your home.

That weightless floating aesthetic

There’s something magical about the look of a hanging mirror. No matter how large it is, when correctly hung, it will jut out just the right amount from the wall, giving it the appealing illusion of floating.

Versatility of design

Minimal Gold Round Hanging Mirror

Hanging mirrors, like all elements of interior design, are a way of stamping your personality onto your living space. You can decide if you want regal simplicity, such as that showcased in FIBean’s Minimal Gold Round Hanging Mirror, or celebrate your inner diva with a funky LED-Lit Mirror worthy of a Hollywood actor.

LED-Lit Mirror

Ease of use

One of the best parts about a hanging mirror is that they are very easy to place. Simply invest in a sturdy hook. Monkey or gorilla hooks are recommended, for weightier statement pieces.

Where to place my hanging mirror

For a mirror that will make you smile every time you see it and not just to check if there’s nothing stuck in your teeth, good placement is essential. A lot depends on the size, shape and style of your mirror. Round, medium-sized hanging mirrors are perfect for the bathroom. Long, rectangular pieces will let you check your outfit choices to your heart’s content. Statement pieces in innovative designs, such as the Black Double Gold Round Hanging Mirror, would look striking in the hallway, where it will be one of the first items to greet visitors to the home.

Black Double Gold Round Hanging Mirror

To create visual interest

Hanging mirrors are perfect for livening up an otherwise bland and empty space. For large, plain walls, you might like to consider drawing the eye with a generously proportioned mirror. You can play around with statement pieces. The mirror might be crafted into the shape of a sunbeam, draw inspiration from a modern art movement, or be irresistibly and unusually shaped. The frame of the mirror can potentially add as much interest as the mirror itself.

Enhance smaller spaces

With a beautiful hanging mirror adorning the wall, you can create the welcome illusion of space in those more compact rooms. This illusion is created through the beautiful light that your mirror naturally reflects. If you are looking to sell your house and have rooms on the smaller side, a well-placed mirror or two will be your friend.

Make dark spaces more welcoming

The quality of reflecting light also brightens up gloomy, dark spaces. Casting bright light into a previously shadowy space will instantly make it more welcoming and cheerier.

Feng Shui

For hanging mirrors that you will love, you ought to consider the perfect placement for a natural flow and effortless style. The principles of Feng Shui are an excellent starting place to guide you through your interior design journey. One key piece of advice from this Ancient Chinese art is to place mirrors opposite beautiful views. It’s recommended that you place them opposite verdant house plants or arrangements of beloved ceramics or artwork. This can create a doubly soothing atmosphere.

The more, the merrier

With smaller rounded hanging wall mirrors, consider grouping them together in an irregular arrangement to create a dramatic point of visual interest. Alternatively, you could place a trio of matching larger rectangular mirrors together, with even spacing between them, to create a cohesive effect that will bounce light around your room.

Hanging mirrors as an art gallery

This contemporary interior design twist consists of interspersing hanging mirrors with items such as paintings, sketches and shelves holding ceramics. Although somewhat chaotic at first glance, the overall effect is cohesive and that of a wonderfully curated collection. The mirrors themselves hold the dual function of being aesthetically pleasing and brightening up the other works of art by reflecting light where needed. These niche art gallery arrangements work well on stairway walls and in long hallways.

Timeless appeal

Hanging glass mirrors as we know them today were first crafted for wealthy Victorians, and they have never gone out of fashion. Wherever you place your mirror or mirrors, whichever style you choose and whatever size you select, you can be certain of one thing: hanging mirrors are here to stay.