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27 DIY Stylish Area Rugs Ideas for Your Living Room

27 DIY Stylish Area Rugs Ideas for Your Living Room - FL Bean

27 DIY Stylish Area Rugs Ideas for Your Living Room

A rug can add a wonderfully homely touch to your living space. It can provide color, warmth, and a stylish feature, but with so many fantastic options available, how do you know which is the best rug for your space? Here are 27 of the best.

1) Understated

If you already have other focal points in your room, an understated rug such as this stunning grey textured one could be a great option. 

2) Seasonal

This is a fantastic rug for the autumn and winter as it brings out some warming tones. You can switch it to a more spring/summer one in the warmer months and never get bored. 

3) Summer Season

The summer season is well and truly underway once you have rolled out this bright, exquisite rug for the warm weather and light evenings. 

4) Traditional

This lovely rug that features warming blue and gray tones will put a modern twist on a traditional theme. 

5) Sophisticated

This gorgeous ivory area rug with a barely-there silver/gray pattern will add the finishing touch of sophistication to your living space. 

6) Abstract

If you are looking for an abstract focal point for your room, this rug with warm, tonal shades of brown, gray, and blue could offer you just that. 

7) Swirls

If a swirling pattern is more to your taste or it adds to your existing décor, this Gray Swirling Rug could enhance your space beautifully.

Gray Swirling Rug

8) Timeless

If you want a rug that never goes out of style, this gorgeous combination of grays blends the traditional and modern perfectly. 

9) Luxury

Handcrafted in Turkey, this rug has a sophisticated color palette that will offer your room a touch of luxury.

10) Warm

If you want to add a splash of warming tones to your home, this rug is perfect. It offers splashes of gray and red that contrast well. The red makes the rug stand out well and can begin a theme throughout your room. 

11) Distressed

The distressed look is very fashionable right now, and this rug is the perfect touch. It offers tones of cool, sophisticated gray and a traditional aspect.

12) Contemporary

This rug has been handcrafted in Turkey and offers fantastic contemporary quality and style to your home.

13) Comfortable

This Abstract Rug is comfortable and warm-looking, reminiscent of a crosspatch blanket, and it makes you want to sit and relax on it for hours.

Abstract Rug

14) Vintage

This gorgeous, Distressed Rug offers shades of blue, gray, and white and could be mistaken for a family heirloom. This is true vintage style.

15) Lattice

Although lattice is a traditional design, it is very trendy right now. This rug is caught somewhere between vintage and modern and looks stunning.

16) Floral

If you love the idea of decorating the floor with petals, this rug will look fantastic in your home.

17) Geometrical

For something a little different, how about a contemporary geometrical design set on a circular rug? This will set your room apart from the rest.

18) Border

A distinctive border can make your home look neat as it has definite edges. This Border Rug offers neutral tones of gray and cream and will add the perfect touch.

19) Bulls Eye

This great rug draws the eye inwards and downwards as it displays the perfect bull’s eye on a warming background of mocha. This rug will make a small room look larger .

20) Vivid

If you want to turn your rug into the main focal point in the room, lots of color is the way to do it. 

21) Cool

For a cool, contemporary look that will widen your room, this Cream Rug featuring slashes of gray will look wonderful.

22) Charming

This beautiful rug has a charming quality about it reminiscent of a fairy garden. 

23) Jacobean

This 17th-Century-Inspired Rug will look magnificent in traditional surroundings. 

24) Maze

If you want the effect of planning your way out of a gorgeous azure maze, this rug is fabulous. 

25) Sunny Side Up

Bring a touch of sunshine to your room regardless of what the weather is doing outside with this Geometric-Shaped Rug featuring a mustard shade of yellow.

Geometric-Shaped Rug

26) Tapestry

Combining the traditional and modern, this Contemporary Rug is reminiscent of a traditional wall-hanging tapestry. 

27) Vine

Vines are very trendy this season, and what could be better than this rug with a stark black on a soft gray background?