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How to Organize Your Kitchen and Dining Like a Pro!

How to Organize Your Kitchen and Dining Like a Pro! - FL Bean

How to Organize Your Kitchen and Dining Like a Pro!

As with any professional in any profession, being organized and efficient means there must be rules. Without rules and order, you will almost certainly be dealing with chaos. To be able to organize your kitchen and dining like a pro, rules will go a long way toward adding ease and pleasure to otherwise ordinary day-to-day tasks in and around the home.

Think like a pro

William Morris, a key player in the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th Century, liked to apply one rule to nearly everything: items in the home must be either of use or beauty, or both. If one can find a piece to suit both these criteria, it can make day-to-day living tasks easier, and surrounding yourself with beautiful designs makes life so much more enjoyable!

Start with the essentials and work with them

The kitchen and dining areas need to have key essentials. Although the kitchen work triangle is often thought not to be relevant to all kitchens today, the items in the equation are - even if their positioning is open to interpretation. The sink, stove and trash can are essential to have in the kitchen. The dining area needs a comfortable place to eat and sit, whether it is a breakfast bar or a large dining table. A practical and beautiful piece of furniture such as a large dining table gives the room focus and purpose.

Everything has its place

Well-designed storage keeps kitchen items that you need to have close at hand. Cooking becomes a joy when essential ingredients, along with utensils, pots and pans, are within easy reach and simple to use. By using carefully labelled and arranged drawers, containers and shelves, you will be able to ensure your cupboards remain tidy. Being mindful of not doubling up the essentials and only storing what you need helps keep your cabinets and surfaces clutter-free.

At the end of a busy day, when you want to kick back and pour yourself a drink, this can become a pleasure by having all you need at hand. A Clear Glass and Rose Gold Serving Cart will hold glasses, bottles and mixers elegantly, ready for you to use. With lines reminiscent of Art Deco design, this serving trolley will sit happily in any dining area.

Clear Glass and Rose Gold Serving Cart

Use practicality and design together

For items that can clutter up a cabinet, such as condiments, consider a practical design solution, decanting them into this beautifully made 6-Inch Mouth-Blown Crystal Jam Set holding three individual glass jars and spoons carefully in a wooden stand. There is no need to worry about where to rest or leave the jam spoon as each jar comes with a matching spoon with an opening at the edge of each lid to allow the spoon to sit happily on the jar.

6-Inch Mouth-Blown Crystal Jam Set

Efficient and effective use of space

The work surface is so important, especially with the current trend of open-plan living where kitchen and dining tend to be alongside each other. Whether a surface is for preparing food, reading the paper or resting a drink, the space under that surface can provide essential storage space to keep items clean and dry for when they are needed.

A Modern Farmhouse White Buffet Server is perfect for any dining area. Crafted from mahogany wood with an all-white finish, this substantial piece of furniture is perfect for setting platters and dishes near the dining table while providing maximum storage space underneath it in glazed cupboards. Three drawers fitted with dark, antiqued cup handles are ideal for holding cutlery, table linens and a cruet stand. With a depth of 19 inches, this classic piece of furniture doesn’t impose too far into the room.

Modern Farmhouse White Buffet Server

Tidy kitchen and dining, tidy mind

Modern family life is heavily centered in the kitchen and dining areas of any home. By selecting key elements to fit your kitchen and dining space, you will be able to create a flowing and cohesive sense of style throughout your home. Combining this with applying some simple rules on how to organize your home will keep it clutter-free and a dream to live in, successfully partnering design and practicality together. Keeping your kitchen and dining spaces uncluttered, organized and tidy (which, of course, is a state that has to be continuously maintained) will mean you will be eager to have your friends and family over for entertaining and you can enjoy putting the kitchen back at the center of your home.