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20 Ideas for Modern Kitchen and Dining Designs in 2021

20 Ideas for Modern Kitchen and Dining Designs in 2021 - FL Bean

20 Ideas for Modern Kitchen and Dining Designs in 2021

Whether you’re eager to completely redesign your kitchen and dining space or you’re looking for ways to refresh the look and feel of your home without making any major alterations, we’re here to give you the inspiration you need.

1. Island Living

Kitchen islands have long been on the must-have list of many home cooks and entertainers. But now, as we need our interiors to be more versatile than ever before, islands can become food preparation areas, homework spaces, and even home offices.

2. Don’t Like It? Paint It!

There are so many specialist paints out there that can help you to change the entire feel of your kitchen in a single day.

3. Form and Functionality

With a feature backsplash, you can have both. From slab backsplashes to unique tiles and peel-and-stick overlays, such as these Euro Mosaic Removable Tiles, that will allow you to switch things up whenever you want, there are so many ways to make a statement in this part of your kitchen.

Euro Mosaic Removable Tiles

4. Green with Envy

Green hues have truly taken over this year, with sage hues being particularly adept at bringing a freshness to kitchen and dining spaces.

5. Smart Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage, particularly when it has been cleverly incorporated into the design. Think pocket doors to conceal everyday appliances and touch-close doors that merge seamlessly with surrounding walls.

6. Is Your Shelfie Game Strong?

Open shelving can add interest and personality to a kitchen. Style with beautiful appliances, statement serveware or multi-colored glassware.

7. Nouveau Neutrals

Muted earth tones can create a peaceful, relaxed and inviting ambience that directly contrasts with the hustle and bustle of modern life.

8. Smart Seating

From benches to bar stools, such as this Sturdy Wood and Metal Bar Stool, and built-in window seating, our homes benefit from offering a variety of places for us to sit, socialize and rest. It’s important that they look good, but they must also be comfortable and versatile.

Sturdy Wood and Metal Bar Stool

9. Sink Accessories

From elegant soap dispensers to antique taps, now is the time to make a real feature of one of the most important parts of a kitchen: the sink. If you’re feeling extravagant, swap your stainless steel sink for a ceramic, marble, concrete or granite option.

10. An Eco-Friendly Approach

For many, sustainability is a key consideration. From recycled materials to integrated recycling bins, induction stovetops and hot water taps, there are myriad ways to increase the eco-friendliness of your contemporary kitchen.

11. Multi-Functional Design

With more of us working from home, the demand for genuinely multi-functional spaces has increased. Breakfast bars can become workstations and kitchen islands can be adapted to house both office equipment and food preparation tools, giving versatility to the heart of the home.

12. The Modern Pantry

In a generally clutter-free kitchen, an open larder can become a wonderful design feature. Keep visible items to a minimum and decant into matching storage solutions.

13. The Multi-Tonal Look

If you can’t commit to just one color, why not choose two? Multi-tonal themes can be stunning, giving your kitchen space a real punch of personality.

14. Broken-Plan Design

Open-plan is on its way out and broken-plan has arrived. We need multi-functional living, and for this to work, it is important to expertly zone areas, which creates separation within an ultimately still unified larger space.

15. Mood Lighting

From cozy family dinners to swanky soirees, the right lighting is essential for creating the perfect ambience. Antique and rustic lighting solutions are replacing the ultra-modern lighting fixtures of the last few years, offering a more glamorous look that makes the right statement.

16. Wine Storage

A must-have for entertainers, dedicated wine storage solutions such as this Umber Finish Wine Cabinet, are super sleek and still have that status symbol look without the extortionate price tag.

Umber Finish Wine Cabinet

17. Would You Choose Real Wood?

For a serene and peaceful kitchen space, you really can’t beat solid oak wood. It is also remarkably versatile as it can be painted, molded and expertly treated to give you your preferred aesthetic.

18. The Modern Marble Effect

Marble worktops are effortlessly elegant but high-maintenance. Innovative laminate solutions provide this super-chic look without the commitment, so why wouldn’t you go for it?!

19. Moody Blues

Intense hues bring a sense of drama to a space, but they can also amp up the coziness factor, particularly when paired with warm metallic accessories and rustic, textured wood elements.

20. Kitchen, What Kitchen?

Searches for hidden kitchens are soaring. Concealing the working elements behind built-in cabinets can cleverly extend your living area without increasing the footprint of your home.