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11+ Simple Bedrooms Designs for Teenage Girls

11+ Simple Bedrooms Designs for Teenage Girls - FL Bean

11+ Simple Bedrooms Designs for Teenage Girls

What does a bedroom mean to a teenage girl? It’s so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s their very own space to relax, finish their homework and host sleepovers where they can stay up late chatting, watching movies and eating midnight snacks. Most importantly, when it comes to décor, it’s a place for them to express their personality. Let us walk you through some simple but beautiful bedroom designs for teenage girls.

The timeless princess style

Although the outcome is a bedroom fit for a princess, the steps you need to take for this design are very simple. For a teenaged twist on this classic bedroom design, all you need is overstated furniture and luxe decorative items. The bed is a focal point in any bedroom, so think big, plump cushions with matching bedspreads and fluffy throws. Then, for the finishing touch, envelope the entire bed in a silky gauze canopy. A glamorous vanity set such as FIBean’s Pink Vanity Mirror & Storage Set is a must-have. Complete the look with a coordinating stool and bejeweled trinket boxes.

FIBean’s Pink Vanity Mirror & Storage Set

Modern and chic

This is ideal for teenage girls who love to keep up with all the latest trends. For a modern and chic bedroom design, consider a metallic color scheme, such as silver or the fashionable rose gold. Install industrial chic furniture and decorate with trendy modern art prints.

Bright, cheerful and upbeat

For this bedroom design, the aesthetic is decidedly sunny. Ensure your colour scheme matches with three bright white walls and a citrus yellow feature wall. Greet your teen with inspirational messages in the form of wall art, such as this Typography Wall Décor that proclaims "Live Simply Dream Big".

Hygge inspired

Create a cozy refuge with a few simple tricks. The aim of this design is to create a warm, welcoming ambience. First, create a twinkly glow by placing fairy lights into mason jars and placing them on their bedside table. Invest in a fluffy rug that is both pretty and practical. Make sure the bed is well dressed with plump color coordinating pillows and a matching bedspread. Consider creating a relaxation corner complete with beanbags and a reading nook.

Super Student

If your teenage daughter takes pride in her studies, help her create a bedroom that reflects her passion. Upgrade her desk; creative desks such as this Folding Murphy-Style Desk are a great way of using space in smaller rooms.

Folding Murphy-Style Desk

Quirky style

For a unique look, let your teenager pick their favorite three colors. Use this palette to create a feature wall using a DIY masking tape technique to create a funky geometric color block feature wall. Consider quirky lighting options such as lava lamps or a rainbow-colored chandelier.

Botanical bloom

Nature-inspired design is in style and provides a soothing aesthetic. Bring the outdoors in with floral decal stickers or leaf print wallpaper. Place easy-to-care-for plants, such as cacti or monstera, on their window ledge or dressing table.

Optimal organization

This style would be ideal to help a disorganized teen take pride in their room. The main feature of this design is to have their storage on display and to use every inch of space. Think floating shelves for shoes, funky bookcases and hanging mirrors with ledges for holding makeup.

Chill space

For optimal relaxation, look no further than a hanging chair filled with plush cushions. For a chill-inspired design, keep the palette gentle and soothing with pastels such as lavender, peach, baby blue or periwinkle.

Gothic drama

Reach a happy compromise if your teenager wants to paint her walls midnight black. Dark, dramatic style doesn’t have to be gloomy. Add a touch of the gothic with ornate furniture and rich textiles. Consider an ornate chest, like this exquisitely carved Cherry Oak Chest, that's so beautiful that they will be eager to put their clothes away neatly.

Cherry Oak Chest

The sleepover zone

If your teenager is a social butterfly, consider helping her bedroom reflect that. Adding a day bed would be perfect, working as both a sofa and additional sleeping area for guests.

A touch of whimsy

Wall art and stencils can add a delightful touch of whimsy to a room’s design. Rugs, cushions and pillows in cute shapes, such as animals, add to this aesthetic. A string of delicate paper lanterns is a great option as a decorative feature. Brightly colored fabric bunting is also a favorite.