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11 Secrets About Home Decor Experts Won’t Tell You

11 Secrets About Home Decor Experts Won’t Tell You - FL Bean

11 Secrets About Home Decor Experts Won’t Tell You

There is something about a professional interior and decorating job that sets the professionals above the rest of us, but with a little bit of know-how, you can strive to achieve some excellent results. Start with careful research and planning to decide what theme you want. Creating a mood board helps to get your ideas in order. Collect samples and images from various sources, selecting images depicting the look you want. Include your color scheme, fabric samples, other textures, and furniture images. This way, you can begin to build up a clear vision of how things will work together as a whole. Throughout the decorating job, continually refer to your mood board to keep your design on point.

11 Secrets About Home Decor Experts Won’t Tell You

There are several other simple guidelines you can follow to give yourself a head start in achieving success.

Color theory

Think carefully about your use of color. Be sure to balance your color scheme. Think in terms of warm and cool. If your room is a beautiful blue color, use a yellow shade in a much smaller quantity to make the blue of the walls pop. This technique works similarly for a warm theme with a cool accent color. If you are unsure, use a color wheel or an online tool. Select the main color you are working with, and the color directly opposite in a smaller quantity will make your chosen color stand out.

Make everything have a purpose

Following this simple rule will keep your rooms clutter-free and stylishly finished, so spend time ensuring that you select items for your interior carefully.

Breathing space

Just because you have a lovely large room doesn’t mean you have to fill it with furniture! Give yourself room to move freely in the space without having to navigate or bump into the furniture.

Use online tools

Various free online tools are excellent aids for your home decor project. Use online tools to create a floor plan, and be meticulous about measuring. This will ensure any furniture you have fits the space and any awkward angles are taken into account. If you can, use a 3D online planning tool to envisage your room. This will help you get a feel for the scale, light, and final result.

Embrace the uneven

For the arrangement and grouping of objects, three is the magic number. Arrange books, candles, and various other items in threes.

Everything is seen

Although bookshelves have a specific function, to get them looking professional and worthy of being on a feature spread in an interior decor magazine, start styling them! Treat them like a picture and create compositions and arrangements, grouping items in threes to make them look fabulous. An elegant White Functional Modern Bookcase with natural legs is a perfect place to start.

White Functional Modern Bookcase

Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a simpler version of The Golden Ratio. Both help determine optimum balance and composition. It can be applied to interior home decor as well in terms of furniture arrangement, color choices, and application, among other things.


Invest in key pieces of statement furniture and use these to anchor and focus the look of your interior. Doing this will tie your look together.


Plan it! Think carefully about how you use your room, where the natural light sources are, and how the shadows will fall. Think about where you may want more light and what options are available to provide this. Sometimes adding a simple table lamp can add style, color and elegance while also being practical. Selecting a statement light, such as this Chandelier Lamp, can be a great place to start when designing a home decor makeover.

Chandelier Lamp

Stick to the budget

Plan your budget at the start and stick to it. Keep a detailed log and a tight rein on the purse strings.

Recycle, reuse and rework

Often, we can achieve the look we want with items we already have. Don't be afraid to use what you already have, even if you need to re-work it or change the upholstery fabric to make it fit the new look.

A few simple rules will make your home decor project less unpredictable and help you make a clear path toward achieving the results you want. Researching a project always pays off, taking your time and making sure to compare and contrast at every stage. Then you can be sure that you have made the best decisions you can at a price that fits your budget.