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Five Finger Brushed Steel Multi Mode LED Floor Lamp

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Product Description

A sleek, modern design, this LED five finger floor lamp supports wellness by syncing your indoor lighting up with your circadian rhythms. A smart touch switch allows full control over 5 different color temperature modes and 5 different brightness levels offering an infinite range of lighting selections. By adjusting your lamp's color temperature throughout the day you can simulate the natural progression of the sun, helping to regulate the body's internal clock to improve sleep habits and overall personal health. A cooler color temperature during the day will keep you alert and active while a warm, dim glow at night will ease you right into a good night's rest. The LED lights are integrated into the lamp and are not replaceable, but last 50,000 hours. This lamp is made up of brushed steel metals, exuding a minimalist, modern style. All lighting product is either UL or ETL listed, meaning that it has been tested and approved to meet the government-regulated safety standards for the USA.