Bark Trainer Pro - Flbean
Bark Trainer Pro - Flbean
Bark Trainer Pro - Flbean
Bark Trainer Pro - Flbean
Bark Trainer Pro - Flbean

Bark Trainer Pro

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Train Your Dog With Bark Trainer Pro to Stop Unwanted Barking!

Generally, your dog barks to attract your attention. Sometimes this can be frustrating or attract unwanted attention!AND This device is recommended by veterinarians for training your dog’s barking behavior gently and safely. It detects barking and uses ultrasonic sounds to calm your dog down without hurting you or your dog.


  • EFFECTIVE DOG CONTROL & TRAINING: This device helps improve your dog’s memory to stop excessive barking at unwanted times. Yelling and hitting are not sufficient nor recommended to train your dog. Works for all sizes of dogs. Works best for dogs over six-months-old.

  • AMAZING TO REDUCE BARKING: This item bark control is designed by sound control and fitted on the wall. When the dog barks, the sound arouses an electric circuit. Ultrasonic wave will emit from the item, it discomforts dog but has no harm to the dog.

  • NO FALSE TRIGGER: Specially programmed to respond to the barking of dogs. The device only triggers after three or more barkings to prevent false-triggers caused by environmental noise and occasional barks.

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY TO YOU & YOUR DOGS: This device uses ultrasonic frequencies which are calming to your dog and do not hurt your dog or you. Only your dog will hear the sound.

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